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or more than 18 years, ICAS has been making waves in the South African corporate landscape. Employee wellbeing, awareness and corporate performance have been progressive forces in the economy, enabling businesses to boost profits and retain top talent. On a national scale, ICAS remains the trusted South African provider of people-focused solutions. ICAS carefully considers all company risks, putting business and employee wellbeing first.

Stepping forward to today, ICAS provides the most comprehensive range of preventative care and counselling services to employer organisations in the country. Our organisational structure is flexible, professional, and caring, ensuring that the holistic blend of services we offer always benefits everyone in an organisation from the top to the bottom. Our passion, team-work, quality, innovation and integrity are values we stand by and uphold with all of our clients.

By investing in employees, a company invests in growth, productivity and morale.

Through the tailored application of data intelligence, technological expertise, and an experienced, flexible approach, ICAS delivers quality people-focused solutions that greatly contribute to your workforce, throughout all levels of your organisation.

Business intelligence and consulting

Our Business Intelligence and Consulting departments are at the steering wheel of analytics. Providing reporting to identify behavioural, health and psychosocial related risks that are impacting negatively on productivity, and quantifying the value of the interventions provided to return employees to productivity. Our understanding of business drivers and industry trends informs our recommendations to you, with the expert use of our data mining technology and the reporting portal, you are continually communicated with regarding the uptake of your company's EWP. ICAS is the first provider with online reporting as well as consolidated reporting capabilities.

Outcomes assessments

The unique ICAS impact assessment tool makes us the only South African provider with the capability to truly measure the impact of all interventions. The application of bespoke case management, impact assessment and solution focused tools makes ICAS the leader in the field.


We have been in the industry for the past 18 years and currently manage the wellness of 1.3 million South African households. The scale and history of ICAS's operation guarantees that our insights are backed by our skilled understanding of human capital risk management.

Diverse and tailored services

All programs are customised to your environment, taking the changing business landscape and evolving workforce needs into consideration. ICAS offers diverse tailored services that set us apart from other providers. The ICAS On-the-Go mobile app is one such offering, providing your employees with extensive resources, ease of service access such as access to medical professionals, nurses, physiotherapists, and legal experts, as well as numerous counsellor access points.

Performance Learning

With ICAS's innovative Performance Learning, your workforce will receive development and resilience training whilst simultaneously bolstering your company's grit, growth and productivity.

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Musculoskeletal Injury Support

The ICAS MSK helpline has proven to reduce MSK related injuries by 90%, improving employees' wellness and decreasing their return to work time, all the while reducing the costs of absence and incapacity claims.

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Connect (For SMMEs)

In South Africa, 70% of SMME employees will experience stress severe enough to inhibit coping with their day-to- day work duties. ICAS Connect is the people-focused solution that will support and assist your business, ensuring that every member of your team achieves their full potential and wholly benefits the company.

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Candidate Selection and Development

Through ICAS's tailored application of data intelligence and technology, we are able to support your organisation in managing your human capital as well as the impact it has on your organisation's effectiveness.

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Absence, Incapacity and Disability

Evidence indicates that early health, medical and work intervention is key in preventing and managing chronic health and wellness conditions that lead to incapacity or disability. ICAS's Absence, Incapacity and Disability service utilises early intervention and absence reporting to reduce incapacity and disability cases, mitigating the risks posed by absent employees.

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First Day Absence

Early intervention is a key factor in managing the crippling cost of absence. It mitigates risks, such as profitability losses associated with short term unplanned absence, potential long-term absence, incapacity, and disability and is managed pro-actively and preventatively allowing for the most appropriate and cost-effective interventions.

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Employee Health and Wellness Programme

The ICAS Employee Health and Wellness Programme empowers your employees to take control of their wellbeing, living more productive work lives and more enhanced private lives. With the ICAS EHWP, your entire workforce and their immediate dependants have access to 24/7/365 counselling services, provided in any of the 11 official South African languages.

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Psychiatric Service

The South African stress and Health study found that 30% of our adult population will suffer from a mental disorder over the course of a lifetime. Our psychiatric network offers a referral service as part of the ICAS managerial services. Benefits include the recommendation and referral of an employee presenting with possible psychiatric symptoms to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis and report. This will assist with optimal employee management and relevant workplace decisions.

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Traditional classroom learning used to be the go-to method for knowledge sharing and skills development. However, this out-dated technique is expensive, takes time, and often doesn't fully address the participants' needs. As a result, e-Learning, with its convenience, targeted approach and speed, is pushing the learning industry on a new course.

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