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Employee Health & Wellbeing


A predicament that affects any member of your staff will inevitably affect your bottom line. As a result, many organisations need to employ counselling services on an occasional basis.

Crisis counselling is an important tool used to support employees in dealing with life’s many pressures. It comes as no surprise that the wellbeing of employees encourages a positive company culture, and when people are generally happy, they produce their best work.

Stressful events in the lives of your staff can have a negative impact on their output, but ICAS CRISIScall will minimise the risk and help your staff remain focused during challenging times.

ICAS CRISIScall serves to ultimately build resilience and positively impact absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace by fostering a happy and healthy working environment, which enhances the general organisational culture.

ICAS CRISIScall is a cost-effective and easily accessible crisis counselling service that is available to any organisation whatever its nature, size or location. Our competent organisation solutions team members will step in during difficult periods, regardless of the nature of the problem.

ICAS CRISIScall professionals will support your employees in their times of need, which will then allow you to allocate alternative resources and focus on the work at hand, ultimately resulting in increased productivity.

ICAS CRISIScall services include:

  • Ad-hoc counselling services that are available via telephone, face-to-face meetings
    or on-site assistance
  • Emotional support counselling
  • LifeManagement services for family care, legal and financial issues
  • Critical incident management offering real-time solutions for employees recovering from traumatic incidents
  • Managerial advice and support
  • Safety risk assessments (FIT)
  • Coaching services

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