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Employee Health & Wellbeing

Employee Health & Wellbeing Programme

The aim of the bespoke ICAS Health & Wellbeing Programme is to enhance your company’s health and wellness strategy. The primary goal of the Wellbeing Programme is to inform, empower and provide employees with the skills to take ownership of their wellbeing. The Programmes support your employees with the necessary interventions and self-management tools to better manage their lifestyles, and to make informed decisions regarding their health. ICAS proposes the following holistic EHWP offering to meet your needs:

Employee Programme :

  • Access to a 24-hour, 365 day-per-year toll-free helpline
  • Access via SMS and call back service
  • Counselling and consultation (face-to-face and/or telephonic counselling)
  • Access to a branded online wellness service
  • Trauma management services including on-site management, should the need arise (group or individual)
  • Provision of communication and health promotion information
  • Appropriate referral and managerial services
  • Management and employee orientation
  • Management consultation services
  • Provision of training on health and wellbeing matters
  • Family care advice and resources

Psychological Counselling:

ICAS Southern Africa provides psychosocial counselling services to employees and their dependants in all 11 official South African languages. These services are provided 24/7/365 via dedicated toll-free access to the ICAS National Support Centre. Employees and dependants can also be referred to one of our professional affiliates for face-to-face, short-term counselling.

Telephone Counselling:

Counsellors can help your employees reach a decision, sort through confusing feelings, try a different approach or just find a better way of living with a problem that will not go away. Employees can phone ICAS and ask us to phone them back, or just dial the USSD code to request a call back, and we will call them back.


If required we will organise for employees to go and see a counsellor to have a face-to-face discussion, where and when it suits them.

Trauma | Crisis:

Trauma counselling is available to employees and their family for situations such as witnessing or being involved in a violent event or witnessing a death, even if this happens outside of work. Should a traumatic incident requiring psychological first aid occur in the workplace, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing or Trauma Response services are available to employees that have been exposed. The primary goal of this intervention is to mitigate the impact of the critical incident on those who have been primary, secondary or tertiary victims of the event, and to facilitate the recovery process of those experiencing  stress reactions.

LifeManagment™ Services:

The LifeManagement service offers telephonic information and assistance on legal problems, financial concerns and family matters. LifeManagement services provide detailed, practical information, education, resources and referrals to help individuals manage their work-life responsibilities.

Managerial Consultancy Services:

Managers and supervisors have access to a team of professional managerial coaches and counsellors who are able to assist with queries regarding people management issues. Managers are also able to refer employees to the EHWP service, either formally or informally.

e|Care Online Services:

The ICAS e|Care service is a uniquely tailored online programme that is provided to all employees within an organisation. This service allows employees to access a wellbeing portal which provides health and wellbeing information that spans all relevant topics, providing a number of interactive tools and professional advisory services.

EHWP Policy Development /Review:

ICAS offers its clients a unique professional strategy and policy consultancy service which entails the development and/or review of the organisation’s EHWP strategy and related policies. This ensures that the organisation’s EHWP is driven by a clear vision and built on a solid regulatory foundation.


Our Business Intelligence team is made up of Business Analysts, Statisticians and Researchers who utilise a sophisticated data management system to capture and analyse all integrated EHWP services engagement data and activity. Client information is mined and interrogated to provide relevant data according to needs, statistics on utilisation trends and uptake of services in various departments, impact of presenting themes and recommendation for future interventions.

All our reporting is provided in a de-identified and summarised manner to ensure confidentiality of service users at all times.

Management & Administration:

A dedicated Client Relationship Manager, who acts as a single point of entry into the organisation, is assigned to each client and coordinates the full implementation and management of the programme. They ensure that the EHWP is extensively marketed and fully integrated with each client and appropriately managed at all times.



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