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Employee Health & Wellbeing


Executive Wellness: A Business Imperative 

For executives and non-executives alike, stress, travel, long hours and excessive commitments put an individual’s overall health at risk. There is little time for meeting personal needs, including health and fitness. Too often, these needs may not be addressed until serious health problems occur. From a governance perspective, a key executive’s risk is a material consideration, as their performance is crucial to overall productivity.

South African companies are amongst the most at-risk for executive ill-health. South Africa mirrors the global health trend, which demonstrates that lifestyle choices such as physical inactivity, smoking, poor nutrition and neglect of chronic life-stress, play a prominent role in the development of chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular disease.

Exec|Care is a specialist intervention that has been specifically designed around the needs of the busy modern day executive to optimise and sustain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Exec|Care combines a suite of executive wellbeing optimisation modules that build the physical and psychological resilience which is fundamental to a successful, balanced career and life.

Exec|Care offers:

  • Comprehensive physical assessment to evaluate the executive’s health/risk profile
  • Optimal lifestyle programmes for fitness and ergonomics with a biokineticist in a fully equipped on-site gym and training facility.
  • Optimal lifestyle programmes for diet & nutrition – healthy eating for the business executive, smart snacking, low GI eating plans.
  • Personal mastery evaluation to support high competence in behavioural risk areas including: executive burnout, managing workplace dynamics, work-life balance, family responsibilities.
  • Therapeutic massages.

The Facility

The Exec|Care facility in Dunkeld West, Johannesburg has been developed in conjunction with one of South Africa’s leading interior designers to offer a relaxing, contemporary wellness experience. The centre includes fully equipped assessment rooms, a refreshment and relaxation area, a WiFi/business zone, as well as superb shower and changing facilities.

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