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Employee Health & Wellbeing

Organisational Support


ICAS’ strategic partnering consultants provide knowledgeable analysis, interpretation and strategic direction for wellness programmes.

They define, design and analyse research initiatives that are client-specific and aligned with your organisational wellbeing strategy, using data (wellness, organisational metrics, occupational health) to inform your organisation’s EHWP policy, practice and interventions. The consulting team also conducts quality audits on all high risk cases, formal referrals, Safety Behavioural Risk Screenings, group trauma cases and maintains consistent monitoring of general case management.

Management & Administration

A dedicated Client Relationship Manager, who acts as a single point of entry into your organisation, is assigned to each client and coordinates the full implementation and management of the programme. They ensure that the EHWP is extensively marketed and fully integrated with each client and appropriately managed at all times. In addition, each Client Relationship Manager has access to a dedicated ICAS Director, offering guidance, support and strategic advice. Depending on the size and requirement of your organisation, a dedicated Client Relationship Management team will also be allocated.

EHWP Policy Development

ICAS offers your organisation a unique, professional strategy and policy consultancy service which focuses on the development and/or review of your organisation’s EHWP strategy and related policies respectively. The alignment of these strategies and policies, with your business and human capital strategy, ensures that your organisation’s EHWP is driven by a clear vision and is built on a solid regulatory foundation.

By entering into a partnership with ICAS, your organisation will be able to drive a strategic focus area of health and wellness. Your organisation’s EHWP will also benefit from the extensive international and local experience of ICAS and its consultants.


The mandate of our Business Intelligence Department is to ensure that the value of the interventions provided is visible to the employer, which is done through a bespoke reporting system.

All interactions between ICAS and the service users are captured in a central database for analysis and interpretation, and all engagement data (offsite and onsite services) is reflected in an aggregated, de-identified and concise report. Our Business Intelligence team is made up of analysts with multidisciplinary skills ranging from business analysts, demographics analysts, researchers and statisticians. The team generates in excess of 4950 reports per annum, servicing over 450 clients across all sectors.

The data is mined and analysed to provide relevant information according to client needs while ensuring user confidentiality is maintained. Trends on engagement, presenting problems, risks identified and managed, and the impact of presenting problems on productivity, interventions delivered and recommendations, are provided in the engagement report.



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