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Employee Health & Wellbeing

ICAS Employee Health & Wellbeing Programme

Our Standard Programme Offers:

  • Access to a 24-hour, 365 day-per-year toll-free helpline
  • Access to telephonic support via a call back service
  • Counselling and consultation (face-to-face/telephonic counselling)
  • Access to a branded online wellness service
  • Trauma Management services including onsite debriefing
  • Provision of communication and health promotion information
  • Appropriate referral and managerial services
  • Management and employee orientation
  • Management consultation services
  • Provision of training on health and wellbeing matters
  • Family care advice and resources
  • Legal advice and referral service
  • Financial advice and guidance
  • Practical assistance and resources

Every client will have a dedicated account manager who will provide monthly utilisation statistics and quarterly performance and utilisation-based reports to the overall organisation and to each business cluster.

Additional EHWP Services:

The following additional services can be added to your holistic EHWP solution:

  • Musculoskeletal Health Management. Musculoskeletal disorders can be debilitating, and can lead to both short and long term absences. Therefore, we have made prevention and recovery an essential part of the EHWP process.

  • Strike Recovery. The impact of a strike can have crippling effects on your organisation’s performance and productivity, often threatening the wellbeing of individuals and their families. A key strength of ICAS is our proven capability in prescriptive analytics and business intelligence, highly valuable expertise in high-risk, high-cost conditions such as industry-wide strikes. ICAS works closely with our client’s Human Resources teams at mining sites affected by a strike and an employee assistance strategy will be formulated. Counselling interventions, trauma debriefing, and onsite containment sessions can be provided to both management and employees.
  • HIV and AIDS Interventions which are specifically designed to reduce the impact of the pandemic in organisations. These range from Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) campaigns, assessment services, employee and managerial training to peer educator training. We also assist our clients with policy development.
  • Wellness Days: This component of our service includes comprehensive health screenings and wellness awareness drives. We tailor these so that they are customised to your organisation’s unique needs.
  • Surveys and Audits: Our internationally renowned surveys are designed to gain a deep insight into your business. These include both our Behavioural Risk Management Audit and our Climate Survey.
  • Skills transfer is offered through our wellness champion training and orientation programme, aimed at capacitating EHWP practitioners and selected employees to develop broad clinical and strategic management skills relating to the delivery of Wellbeing Programmes
  • Our Lifestyle Solutions provide practical benefits to your staff, saving them time and money. The offering is a combination of essential services including a full concierge service.

We remain unsurpassed in our ability to build resilience, mitigate people risks, extract and deliver benchmark data reporting.



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