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Organisational Development

Coaching & Leadership Development

Coaching is a process of equipping a team or individual with the tools, knowledge and self-awareness required to enable them to fulfil their ability and reach their full potential. This enhancement process fosters empowerment on a personal and professional level that ultimately leads to optimal organisational functioning. Our Coaching is strength-based, meaning that the coaching process is a collaborative relationship; where individual and team strengths are identified, enhanced and built on to achieve individual and organisational goals. Coaching is a crucial employee, team, leadership and management development tool resulting in increased productivity and personal satisfaction with life and work.

What We Offer:

Executive Coaching
Coaching with executive level employees is highly specialised and customised to each executive’s specific developmental needs. Executive Coaching is aimed at assisting executives in balancing short-term and long-term challenges and goals, developing leadership skills required to lead complex organisational and employee issues, translating strategic intent into business delivery.

Leadership Coaching (Senior/Mid-Level Management)
Senior and mid-level managers are often responsible for ensuring effective delivery in the organisations. To achieve this, these managers are required to lead teams that are engaged with their work and perform to their full potential. The focus of ICAS Leadership Coaching is to assist managers to unpack and reinforce their strengths and skills-set as well as better understand their goals within their personal and professional capacity. Through this process of coaching, individuals can deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life, through the creation of balance and mastery.

Talent Pipeline Coaching
Coaching for individuals who have been identified as top talent within an organisation is an effective strategic approach not only for talent retention, but also for talent development. Employees who receive coaching are likely to be better aligned with an organisation’s strategy and are more likely to show commitment to the organisation. The development of these employees is vital, and coaching can focus on assisting these employees with adjusting to the often rapid progress they make within an organisation, and realising their full potential.

Team Coaching
Team Coaching is a platform provided to assist groups/teams to identify their current group functioning and use the strengths of the current dynamic to guide the team to optimal functioning. Team Coaching is a powerful developmental tool to assist individual and group performance through the guidance of shared experience and interpersonal awareness.

Student Coaching
The ICAS Student Coaching Programme has been specifically created for students who seek to learn and apply skills to increase their knowledge, potential and coping skills in order to reach certain goals. 

Results Fuelled Leadership Development 

Ask successful leaders around the globe what shaped them. It is unlikely that the answer will be ‘a classroom’, ‘a book’ or ‘a case-study’. Leaders of influence are created by inspirational role-models, mentors and coaches, and extraordinary challenges that they had to overcome in a relatively short space of time. The late, respected Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is a prime example.
Results Fuelled Leadership Development (RFLD)©, in an organisational context, unlocks leadership talent in real-life situations. These leaders embark on a walk of challenges, with credible and influential mentors and coaches as guides.

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