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Organisational Risk Management

Absenteeism and Incapacity

Keeping employees happy, healthy and motivated is one of the key aspects of running a successful business. ICAS is ideally equipped to assist both managers and employees with support as part of an Absenteeism and Incapacity management process in the workplace. A customised, non-punitive approach is used, based on the premise that absence from work is often a strong indicator that underlying issues are negatively affecting an employee’s health. Our approach focuses on staff retention, and the prompt resolution of these issues in order to maximise return on investment and overall employee wellbeing.

Comprehensive Absenteeism Reporting
provides a quantitative analysis of unscheduled absenteeism over a rolling 12 month retrospective period, which provides information on levels of absenteeism; associated costs; distribution of absenteeism within organisational and departmental levels; and individual absenteeism profiles of high risk employees requiring active case management. It can be run once-off as a barometer, or on an ongoing (quarterly/monthly) basis to understand the impact and effectiveness of associated interventions.

Policy Review
provides an assessment of the relevant organisational policies and procedures relating to absenteeism, disability and ill health incapacity. Where necessary, assistance will be provided with the development of relevant policies and procedure documents.

Incapacity Panel
 Representation provides input and feedback on the counselling processes as part of the incapacity management process.

Absenteeism and Incapacity Training
 offers extensive training of line management or HR practitioners regarding the implementation of legally compliant Absenteeism and Incapacity management processes and procedures. The training will cover topics such as the principles of managing incapacity and sick leave, the relationship between disability, incapacity and absenteeism and the legislative framework relevant to absenteeism, incapacity and disability.

Absenteeism and Incapacity Support Services
assist line management on how to approach and correctly address employee absenteeism and incapacity issues, with the assistance of Human Resources and Employee Health Wellbeing Programmes (EHWPs). Where necessary appropriate referrals for psychological intervention will be incorporated. Absenteeism and Incapacity support services complement services rendered by the client company’s health risk manager/insurer.


ICAS recognises that changes in labour legislation have increased the awareness of the rights of people with disabilities within the employment sphere.

ICAS’ integrated disability services, as informed by extensive experience in the wellness environment specifically, aids in our ability to ensure a measurable return on investment, mitigation of specific risks and retention of employees with disabilities in the workplace. Organisations have become aware not only of the need and legal requirement to employ a diverse and representative workforce, but also of the unique needs of employees with disabilities within the workforce. 

Through a consultative approach, ICAS can assist our clients to foster an organisational culture conducive to disability, by raising disability awareness and ensuring legally compliant disability management within the organisation. ICAS’ approach to these services is guided by relevant legislation relating to the employment of people with disabilities.

This service includes:

Review of Disability Related Policies
To identify potential barriers to the employment and retention of people with disabilities and to identify practises or factors that positively promote employment equity and diversity in the workplace.

Disability Related Training
ICAS offers a range of disability-related training sessions, tailor-made to the target audience and client needs. Training topics include disability awareness and disability management in the workplace.

Disability Disclosure and Verification
Consultation around disability disclosure and verification for EE or BEE purposes, raises awareness around the benefits of disability disclosure and the rights of employees with disability in the workplace.

Disability Management Survey or Focus Groups
The purpose of the survey is to obtain an overview of current disability management strategies in the workplace. The focus audience are employees who have disclosed a disability, as well as their managers and colleagues. In this way a comprehensive view is obtained around disability management in the workplace.

Disability Management Services
This service is designed to retain employees with disabilities in the workplace. Services include onsite workstation evaluations or functional capacity evaluations by an occupational therapist in order to make recommendations regarding reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

Disability Sensitisation
The objective of disability sensitisation is to assist colleagues in creating an inclusive environment for people with disabilities. The sessions are interactive and allow a platform for participants to raise questions around disability.

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