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Organisational Risk Management

HeadLine - Human Capital Risk Profiling

HR is one of the most complex of the traditional business functions. Traditional business wisdom holds that business functions have two main attributes; that of risk and that of potential. Business strategies are typically designed to mitigate risk and unlock potential. In some environments there are opportunities to move inherent risk beyond mitigation to a point where it becomes an opportunity. HR is such an environment. Understanding and improving an organisation’s relationship with its employees allows HR to unlock real business value. HeadLine is the technology of choice to deliver this value.

HeadLine is a new generation Employee Relationship Optimisation tool comprising of a series of products designed to create operational insights in support of managing human capital risks. The solution is based on a predictive modelling technology which delivers practical insights at operational level within the organisation. Some of the solutions comprise of; Absence Management in the workplace, Talent Acquisition and Retention and Fatigue and Accident Management.


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