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Organisational Risk Management

iPAC - Background Screening & Profiling

At ICAS we pride ourselves as the only background screening company in South Africa with a holistic view on prospective employees by combining reference checks with applicable psychometric tests to predict future behaviour. Comprehensive and professional pre- and post-employment screening/profiling of candidates through reference checks and cross reference checks. We thus assess a candidate’s manifested behaviour over a period of time. Combine the candidate’s manifested behaviour in the work environment with the results of the psychometric tests. This is the most accurate and fair way to predict behaviour, success, potential and to mitigate human risk in any company or organisation 

The background screening and profiling screening services include:


  • Personal Interviews
    • CV verifications
    • Verification of positions held, date of employment, key responsibilities 
    • Clarification of the reason(s) for resignation
    • Identity inconsistencies and possible embellishments on a CV
    • Lifestyle analysis
    • School/Tertiary reference analysis
  • Work Reference Analysis
    • Clarification of work history
    • Analysis of performance in all past positions held
    • Determination of competencies
    • Prediction of ethical behaviour and integrity
    • Identification of management concerns and red flags

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For more information please contact us on +27 11 380 6800 or alternatively via email ipacinfo@icas.co.za  for all iPac related service enquiries.