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Organisational Risk Management

iPac - Candidate Screening and Profiling

Business Results as Part of Employee Risk Profiling

Our Candidate Screening and Profiling programme is designed to consistently deliver the best integrated human risk management products and services to enable companies to appoint and retain competent human capital of high integrity.

Whatever the nature of your business, with employee risk profiling you are in the best possible position to employ the right people and protect your business.


A holistic process that helps organisations:
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Mitigate employee risk behaviour
  • Mitigate corruption, fraud and theft
  • Employ reliable employees, with integrity
  • Employ people with the relevant competencies
  • Save money and contribute towards the bottom line
Get The Broadest Employee Picture

Candidate Screening and Profiling offers a 360º view of the profile of a prospective candidate which gives organisations true insight. The comprehensive process starts with the verification of all relevant documents; such as qualifications and criminal records, and continues to include adverse financial trends, background analysis of previous work history, CV verification and performance profiling. The programme proactively predicts future behaviour in the work environment by profiling previous behaviour and applying purpose designed psychometric tests. This is an accurate, compliant and holistic process that will reveal information that could be applied to mitigate human risk.


Click here to download the Candidate Screening and Profiling overview brochure.
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