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Organisational Risk Management

iPAC - Verifications

Employment verification services help employers to hire and retain human capital with confidence. Inflating education credentials is a common practice and on the rife in South Africa. Curriculum Vitas contain errors and embellishments, up to 53% according to research. Smart companies are spending more time than ever verifying applicant provided information to avoid the cost and liability of a “bad hire”. 16% of South Africans have a criminal record and 6 million South Africans have adverse credit records.

The verification services include:

  • Criminal record history
  • Credit record history
  • ID verification
  • Qualification verification
  • Driver’s licence
  • Descriptor records (passport, citizenship work/residency)
  • Directorships
  • Business credit history
  • Deed searches
  • Media searches
  • Fraud verifications

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For more information please contact us on +27 11 380 6800 or alternatively via email ipacinfo@icas.co.za  for all iPac related service enquiries.