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Organisational Risk Management

Occupational Injury and
Musculoskeletal Health Solutions


This innovative product offers proactive services focused on reducing the burden of injury, musculoskeletal disease in the workplace. The solution uses experienced clinical staff, technology, evidence-based clinical protocols and proven systems to improve and streamline the process of returning injured and absent employees to work quickly and safely. All staff and their managers have immediate access to support, assessments, treatment and rehabilitation where an employee has suffered a workplace injury or has a physical health concern. The net result is significant cost savings in all areas of the business including Injury On Duty (IOD), absence, productivity and healthcare spend.

The Problem
Occupational injury and other physical health problems such as back pain are costing SA companies billions of rands each year in direct absence costs only. The indirect cost is estimated to be up to 7 times the direct cost in loss in productivity and management time and represents on average 40% of the total cost of sickness absence in the workplace. Despite this massive cost very few companies know how much sickness absence is costing them and even fewer companies have effective strategies in place to effectively manage and reduce absence due to physical health concerns and occupational injuries. Based on international best practice, we have developed proven products that reduce the cost and impact of occupational injury and musculoskeltal disease in the workplace.

Core products
Musculoskeletal & IOD Management Service

  • National Helpline to report any injury, IOD or physical health concern
  • Immediate Medical Assessment by trained physiotherapists
  • Telephone advice and guidance on best management of employee’s condition
  • Onward referral for medical opinion, face-to-face treatment and work rehabilitation using trained affiliates as and when required
  • Ongoing case management and reporting to the workplace
  • Detailed management information for preventative strategies
Specialised Products

Onsite Units

Companies who have more than 500 employees onsite could benefit from having an onsite unit.

Staffed by physios, OT’s and biokineticists the team assesses and treats all injury, IOD and other musculoskeletal absence cases and liaises with medical stakeholders, line managers and HR onsite to ensure an early and safe return to work. The service includes a range of evidence-based interventions
such as pre-employment screening, Fitness for Work Assessments, workforce screening, physiotherapy treatment, group work rehabilitation sessions, work conditioning and work hardening programmes. The clinicians also visit the workplace to ensure practical adaptations could be made where required and include ergonomic assessments and preventative training.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Disability and long-term absence cases, where employees have reached their optimal work capability but remain off work or unable to cope with their full duties are referred for an FCE. This 3-hour assessment matches the employees’ capability with the demands of their job and a report is produced to verify the employees’ disability, their current capability and outline where there is a job match and where there is not. Recommendations are made that if implemented would be able to improve/restore the job match. An informed decision could be made by management based on objective evidence in the report. These decisions could be implementing recommendations, redeployment or business exit.

Injury Prevention Services

Prevention is better than cure and as part of our comprehensive offering we provide a number of injury prevention services to proactively reduce injury in the workplace.These services include injury prevention training workshops, pre-employment screenings, job evaluations and ergonomic assessments all aimed at preventing injury before it happens.

Significant cost, productivity and efficiency savings are made in all business areas from management, HR, operational departments, healthcare provision, insurance, H&S and line manager to employees. Return on investment of at least 300% could be expected on direct cost alone.

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