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Organisational Risk Management

Organisational Risk Management

ICAS recognises the impact that people have on an organisation's effectiveness, and have developed the Helix services portfolio to support your organisation in managing the people aspect of your business.

The Organisational Risk Management services include:

Absenteeism, Incapacity & Disability
Total Absence Management
iPAC - Psychometric Testing
iPAC - Background Screening & Profiling
iPAC - Candidate Screening & Profiling
iPAC - Verification
Occupational Injury Solutions
Safety Behaviour Risk Screening
Human Capital Risk Profiling
Relocation Assistance

Standalone or Integrated Holistic Solution

The Employee Lifecycle diagram below illustrates the benefits of a holistic EHWP, Risk Management and Development solution. A selection of ICAS services can be strategically grouped to cater for your specific organisational needs. Through analytical data and reporting a holistic option can provide additional insight into your organisation and create an opportunity for tactical adjustments to your programme.

*The following example illustrates how the services can be combined for a mining company. 

Click on the image to download a PDF version.

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