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Organisational Risk Management

Relocation Assistance

Relocating to or from South Africa can be disorientating and stressful, from both a professional and a personal standpoint. This can result in a loss of productivity and decreased employee wellness.

ICAS recognises the exceptional demands confronting relocating individuals and their families and offers a unique and comprehensive programme to help prepare, support and assist them with their transition. The Relocation Assistance Programme provides a dedicated consultant to each individual or family and will work closely with your human resources department or those responsible for managing the relocation, to address the psychological aspects of relocation and effectively provide assistance and support when and where appropriate.

The programme offers the opportunity for ICAS to engage with and support departing or arriving employees and their family members during their preparation for departure or after their arrival, and then to maintain this supportive contact throughout the duration of their assignment, with the process culminating in repatriation debriefing support at the time of their return to, or departure from South Africa. Risk of assignment failure is minimised through the maintenance of the supportive relationship and the opportunity afforded to employees to access support at multiple junctures in the relocation
process. Group relocation assistance interventions are also available to employers who have multiple employees leaving at a similar time for similar destinations.

Targeted relocation support is also offered through the following separate but related channels:

Preparation for Departure Support 
Backed up in full by the services offered under the ICAS Employee Health and  Wellbeing Programme, support and resources are provided that are geared towards assisting employees and their families in transitioning effectively from South Africa to their destination.

Repatriation Support
Through this programme component, support is offered to employees and their families returning to South Africa, focusing on the psychological aspects of the transition to ensure that issues relating to the re-entry are adequately addressed.

Incoming Employee Support
Targeting the provision of support to expatriate employees, assistance is offered to employees and their families that is geared towards supporting them in effectively coping with the transition and with the social and cultural diversity that exists within South Africa. Relevant resources and country specific information can also be provided should a need for this be identified.

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