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Organisational Risk Management

Safety Behaviour Risk Screening

Maintaining a physically and psychologically fit working environment is critical to the success of both an organisation and its employees. In countries such as South Africa, legislation requires employers to ensure that employees working in safety critical or safety related environments are mentally and physically fit to perform their duties safely in the workplace.

Our experience within the transport, petroleum, construction and other safety related industries has emphasised the importance of accurate psychosocial safety risk assessments (SRA) and the impact they may have on a company’s ability to effectively manage employee risk within safety critical work contexts. We have therefore developed an extensive SRA, focused on the individual, which is based on international best practice but relevant to the unique South African context. The SRA is conducted by a trained professional and feedback includes various recommendations to address any psychosocial risks identified.

Safety Risk Assessment

Smart SRA
Smart SRA is a brief assessment that utilises predictive analytics technology to arrive at a fitness for duty outcome in the shortest possible time. This allows ICAS to assess and identify risk in a large group of employees quickly and efficiently. Employees who are identified through Smart SRA as being potentially at-risk will then be recommended for a full SRA.

Report Generation and Clinical Overview Case Management 
SRA reporting is semi-automated, with every report outcome being reviewed by the ICAS clinical team so that a firm treatment plan can be agreed upon following the assessment session. The SRA report is generated and feedback is provided to the referrer which enables the client organisation to make critical decisions regarding staffing and planning in order to limit the impact that high risk employees have on productivity.

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