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Organisational Risk Management

Total Absence Management

International guidelines on absence all conclude that early intervention is key. The sooner the action is taken, the better the chances are of an employee making a full and speedy return to work.

Workplace absence has an astronomical effect on any business. It places excessive pressure on both the organisation and its employees with significant associated costs.

Part of the reason this service is so successful is that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ model but a fully customised solution that can be adapted to the needs and budgets of any organisation. At ICAS we know that significant benefits can be achieved through the early detection and intervention of physical, medical, emotional and psychological health problems, which have an impact on the workplace. Working in partnership with ICAS you can record, be notified, evaluate, proactively intervene and resolve issues at the earliest instance, ensuring a healthier workforce, organisation and bottom line. 

Our approach is to provide a first day recording system and a unique combination of streamlined proactive health solutions that help tackle absence and disability issues through a range of support services. With the principal focus on the facilitation of a safe and timely return to work, our solutions combine immediate access to our absence, health and wellbeing and case management team.

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