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Our commitment to B-BBEE

ICAS is committed to transformation and the upliftment of historically disadvantaged persons in South Africa, and supports the BBBEE Codes and the spirit and intention of the legislation through its business operations.

Our commitment to growth and passion for transformation is evident in our level 1 B-BBEE rating.

ICAS's investment in community growth is structured into our very core being. We are constantly striving beyond our usual obligations to create a positive difference within our beloved South African community.

ICAS has a strong focus on skills transfer, and the development of people, and has various initiatives in place in support of enterprise and supplier development as well as skills development through the ongoing training and mentoring of staff members, learnership programmes and internships.

ICAS furthermore promotes an inclusive, equitable and diversity-friendly workplace. ICAS has formed an Employee Share Trust for the benefit of previously disadvantaged staff members at various levels of the business. The beneficiaries of this trust receive value as value is created within the ICAS business. The trust aims to implement ICAS's strategy of creating a culture of ownership and inclusion, contributing towards transformation as well as increasing competitiveness and business sustainability.

ICAS currently employs around


Permanent staff members



and provides integrated health and wellness services to a large client base. We have experienced staff from multidisciplinary backgrounds providing excellent service delivery. All psychologists, social workers and LifeManagement™ consultants are registered with the relevant boards. ICAS boasts a national footprint with its Head Office in Gauteng, and Regional Offices in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

We are

Affiliated with

Employee Assistance Programme Association (EAPA) International & South Africa

EAPA is the largest, oldest and most respected professional association for organisations in the EAP field. ICAS is a corporate member (EG090/2005) of EAPA South Africa and a large number of our staff are active members on the national board, as well as in local chapters. This has enabled us to contribute vastly to the evaluation and 'fit' of the EAP industry in the South African culture.

Human Resource Council of South Africa (HRCOSA)

The HRCOSA stands for the unification and ongoing improvement in all components of Human Resources, and the broader aspects of people management. To stay abreast of trends and on top of current issues, ICAS has found it essential to be a member of the leading Human Resources forums in South Africa.

The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)

ISTSS is a professional multidisciplinary and international membership organisation that promotes the advancement and exchange of knowledge regarding severe stress and trauma.

Investing in

Our Communities

The communities in which we live and work are responsible for shaping our society, directly affecting every one of us and molding our futures. ICAS is passionate about investing in communities and making a positive difference by working together.

The employees

We look after


Financial Sector


Health Sector


Telecommunications Sector


Retail and Consumer Goods Sector


Technology Sector


Basic Materials Sector


Industrial Sector


Consumer Sector

Our headquarter is full of

Fresh minds

Andrew Davies

Managing Director

Denis Cronson

Commercial Director

Jonathan Roper

Chief Informational Officer

Navlika Ratangee

Clinical Operations Director

Juanita Simpson

Business Development and Marketing Director

Bashee Naidoo

Client Services Director

Chantell Holland

Regional Director

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Frequently asked questions

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What is an EWP?
An abbreviation for Employee Wellness Programme, an EWP is designed to identify and assist employees in resolving any mental and physical issues they’re experiencing (at work or home) that may be adversely affecting their performance. This is the basic EWP function, helping your employees reach their working potential. ICAS offers many additional services, such as managerial specific assistance, absence reporting, emergency trauma counselling and much more. Such services can be viewed in detail via the home screen.
What kind of issues does your EWP deal with?
No issue is too small or too large for you to share. Perhaps work is stressing you out, or you’re struggling with getting your children to do their homework. Perhaps you’ve experienced a traumatic incident or need psychosocial counselling. We’ve got the support you need.
What are the EWP operating hours?
The company specific toll-free lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s never the wrong time for you to call for assistance.
How do I access my company’s EWP?
Each company has a specific toll-free number that’s featured on the printed ICAS material you’ve been given as well as on the ICAS app. You can also dial *134*905# to request a call back or email your contact number to
What kind of services does the EWP offer?
The EWP is structured to address all of your health and wellbeing concerns. We have medical, psychological, financial, legal and many more experts available for you to speak to from the convenience of your phone. Whether you need trauma counselling, therapy or assistance on creating a budget, by dialing your company specific toll-free number you can use all of these and more services.
How confidential are you really?
Absolutely confidential. No name or any personal details will be reported back to your company. ICAS will monitor calls to gather data on trending issues experienced by employees, but all of this information is de-indetified. The only cases where the confidentiality agreement will be eschewed is in cases of suspected child abuse, company sabotage or criminal activity.
What if I only have a small company?
If anything, small companies are even more dependent on employee wellbeing as absenteeism affects small businesses even more than large corporations. ICAS Connect is the SMME business solution that can be tailored to meet your small, micro or medium sized business needs.
Does ICAS offer anything else aside from EWPs?
Absolutely! Support for employees is only one of our specialities. Through ICAS’s tailored application of data intelligence and technology, we are able to support your organisation in managing your human capital as well as the impact it has on your organisation’s effectiveness. We offer candidate screening and profiling services, verifications, total absence management, organisational performance learning courses and more. Please visit our Services section to learn more.
What if I need face-to-face counselling?
If you and your telephone counsellor decide that some face-to-face therapy is needed, they will organise the sessions for you. Appointments are organised in a language and at a time and place that is convenient for you.
Why does my company need ICAS?
If your business relies on the productivity of your staff, then it’s the perfect candidate for ICAS’s partnership. By assisting your employees in maintaining their work life balance, productivity increases while absenteeism and other organisational risks are mitigated.
What prices are we looking at here?
ICAS costs vary depending on the amount of services you desire among other things. Please contact us to chat about your company’s needs so that we can provide an accurate quote.
As an employee, do I pay to use the EWP?
No, not at all. The EWP services are free for you and your immediate household dependants.

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