Incapacity, disability


mpty workstations are a reality in all companies, your ability to manage unplanned absence and proactively support absent employees, gives you an added advantage.

Evidence indicates that early intervention is key in managing chronic health and wellness conditions that lead to incapacity or disability.

The benefits to your organisation


ur incapacity, case management and work–site visit service ascertains where your company is at risk for long-term absenteeism and/or incapacity.

Our ongoing support during your employee's time of absence, ensures that your employees are more likely to return to full-time productive employment – in the shortest time.

This pro-active approach plays a significant role in reducing the frequency of absenteeism

Controlling cost and impact of absence

Early intervention reduces healthcare costs and mitigates absence risk

Online real time absence reporting

Standardised assessment procedures

Electronic case management

Our case management process provides added support to both employer and employee during the return-to-work/reintegration process, resulting in a supportive and smooth transition to full productivity on both an individual and company level

Our approach

With ICAS's AID, a customised, non-punitive approach is used, based on the premise that absence from work is often a strong indication that underlying issues are negatively affecting an employee's wellbeing. ICAS focuses on staff retention and the prompt resolution of these issues to maximise return on investment and overall employee wellbeing, so improving organisational productivity and profitability.

A unique solution with a measurable impact

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are pioneering learning and teaching across the globe. The ICAS LMS is no different; covering the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational and training programmes.


Electronic case management ensures that nothing is overlooked, while automated absence reporting provides access to your business wellbeing 24/7/365. Indicators of risk are identified through our reporting systems which ensure that appropriate and timeous referrals are made.


A multi-disciplinary team including occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists, as well as a network of experienced affiliates, means that your employees will never be without professional support. This network is what sets ICAS apart.


Standardised assessment procedures as well as quality assurance processes ensure that case management and reporting is always of a top standard.

Our promise to you

Our approach prioritises early identification through absence reporting. This ensures early intervention, reducing incapacity and disability cases in the long term, and mitigating the risks faced by both the employer and employee.