Candidate selection

and development

Your company's reputation is an asset. Recruit, retain, and develop your talent.

ICAS helps to protect your company's reputation with our Candidate Selection and Development Programmes. Hiring a new employee ought to bring only opportunities and growth to your company, not stress and uncertainty.

Our people-focused solutions are specially developed to help mitigate company risk, and contribute to the overall strength and value of your workforce.

Our comprehensive offering

Candidate screening and profiling

Our services are designed to consistently deliver the most powerful and professional human risk management products and services, that assist and enable companies to appoint and retain competent human capital of the highest integrity. Whatever the nature of your business, with employee risk profiling you are in the best possible position to employ the right people, and to protect your business by mitigating foreseeable risks caused by poor hiring decisions.


iVerity is an easy to use, automated electronic verifications application, with real time status updates and reporting. This enables you to view the progress and results of all verification requests on one integrated platform. The automation of iVerity drastically reduces turnaround times for vetting requests and lets you make informed staffing decisions sooner rather than later.

Background Screening and Profiling

At ICAS, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a completely holistic view of prospective employees, by combining reference checks with relevant psychometric tests, to accurately predict future behaviour. Comprehensive and professional pre- and post-employment screening of candidates through reference checks and crosschecks help in assessing a candidate's manifested behaviour over a period of time. Combine the candidate's manifested behaviour in the work environment with the results of the psychometric tests, and you have the most accurate and reliable way to predict future behaviour, success, and potential.

Psychometric assessments

Psychometrics play a key role in predicting success and mitigating human risk through the analytics and science of likely behaviour. As an indicator of personality, preferences and abilities, psychometric testing can assist prospective employers to find the best match of candidates to occupation and work environment. It is also a powerful tool in assisting management with guidance on career progression for existing employees. Psychometric assessments make it possible to test for integrity and counter productive work behaviour in both future and current employees.


iPrints is an easy to use, integrated electronic verification system applicable to criminal background enquiries. Furthermore, iPrints is integrated with our online web-based workflow system and database: iVerity. This enables our clients to observe the progress of all verification requests and allows access to results on one integrated platform.