(for SMMEs)

In South Africa, 70% of Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises' (SMMEs) employees experience stress severe enough to affect them in coping with their day-to-day work duties.

ICAS Connect is an Employee Health and Wellbeing Programme that is designed specifically to serve the needs of SMMEs. It's a people-focused solution that supports your employees and assists your business, ensuring that every member of your team achieves his or her full potential.

The programme's core focus is to reduce the risk that prevents your SMME from reaching its full potential. Organisational and people centered risks are both controllable through our interventions. Every SMME faces its own unique challenges and requires a tailor-made approach to the optimisation of its workforce.

Connect caters to your specific business model, providing you and your employees with access to a number of bespoke support services.

ICAS provides your SMME with affordable, quality services. Business benefits include:

  • A positive impact on your employees' performance
  • Managerial support at all levels of your company
  • Managing and reducing your expensive and inconvenient absenteeism rate
  • Using risk-management systems to achieve proactive improvements throughout your business

Connect includes the following bouquet of organisational solutions:

Employee Health and Wellness Programme


tress can be caused by any number of factors, including work worries, family problems, debt management, substance abuse and trauma.

"of South African employees are in debt and financially stressed." Source: 2015 National Credit Regulator (NCR)

Through the ICAS Employee Health and Wellness Programme (EHWP), your entire workforce and their immediate dependents have access to 24/7/365 counselling and advice services, provided in all the 11 official South African languages

LifeManagement™ provides the practical side of the telephonic advisory service that ICAS offers to your employees. This service covers problems that come up on a day to day basis, including legal, financial, family care and medical concerns.

The ICAS legal team functions as a guide for the legal processes of our country. The family care team provides information, resources, templates and literature on almost any family centered aspect. The financial team covers tax law, blacklisting advice, budgeting, retirement planning, mortgages and more. Health@Hand provides telephonic advice on all medical related queries, and is delivered by registered nurses.

First Day Absence management


CAS's First Day Absence Reporting System mitigates the risk of uncontrolled absence in three steps.

Firstly, employees who face illness, or need to take sudden unplanned leave, and cannot make it to work, have many convenient channels available through which they can report their absence before the work day commences. They can either dial the toll-free number or use the free USSD to request a call back. This allows you and your company's managers to make timeous adjustments to the company's operations, mitigating any loss of income caused by a lack of resources.

Data is compiled in a digital dashboard that you can view anytime, anywhere. No matter how many cases of absence you have in your organisation, the First Day Absence Dashboard records and manages them. allowing you to focus on your core business responsibilities.

These reports provide you with the official records of all staff absence, allowing you to identify trends and adopt a pro-active approach to understanding the underlying factors that contribute to your employees' absenteeism. ICAS will also refer employees to the other available services, once additional problems are identified.

Overall your employees' return to work period is lessened as they have the telephonic support of a registered nurse as well as the continued additional supporting services to increase their resilience.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) health management


SK symptoms seriously diminish the output of both desk workers and manual labourers.

We reduce these concerns with physiotherapists, proven medical techniques and telephonic and onsite resources which help return employees to work in the shortest possible time.

A unique solution with a measurable impact

We provide a customisable solution to manage your human risk capital, that compliments your organisation's distinct culture and objectives.


  • 18 years of data intelligence analysis ensures that we are offering your organisation the most business intelligent solutions.
  • From your employee's point of view, our optimisation of technological trends ensures that our services are easily accessible through a variety of different platforms.


  • We currently assist and support nearly 300 000 employees in the SMME sector, and more than a million employees across all sectors through our national footprint.
  • Our massive capacity, and our resulting insight into South Africa's unique problems and opportunities, translate into special strategic advantages for your organisation.


  • Prioritising our special partnerships with our valued clients enables us to create special programmes through which we can leverage strategic advantages and unique outcomes for your organisation.

Our promise to you

  • ICAS understands that SMMEs are greatly at risk when it comes to employee absence and incapacity.
  • Despite the complexities of the modern day workplace, we are confident that our business intelligent solutions will add measurable value to your organisation.