the value of

Mobile learning

Current projections predict that there will be a 70% global utilisation of e-Learning programmes by 2025.

Our Performance Learning programmes are optimised to be viewed on any mobile device, whether it is a cell phone, tablet or computer.

No matter what the participant's schedule, they are able to conveniently access their course.

The value of e-Learning is on a steady rise in the global context. Learning versatility, low costs, rapid results and an increase in lesson retention are just some of the massive positives this revolutionary method supplies. e-Learning provides a 1000% quicker delivery than conventional classroom teaching, saving time and money.


ICAS's performance learning interventions are designed to deliver measurable results, based on sustainable learning, which is modeled to provide constant benefits well into the future. Employees are trained ins skills that are business critical through a blend of short, sharply focused learning interventions

Ultra Resilience Training

The concept of GRIT has been expertly developed to help foster employees on all levels of your company with the ability to embrace change and stay productive while doing it.

Arctic GRIT

Employees will encounter the winds of change, inevitable and fierce.

On this trip you'll toughen up and accept GRIT because embracing the change is the only way to survive.

GRIT Island

Your manager's and company leader's willpower is put to the test on GRIT island.

Participants will learn that it's necessary to embark on a journey in order to adapt to the change around you.

Company Custom Development

If your company has specific issues it needs addressed, ICAS can produce material aligned with your corporate identity while concentrating on educating your employees on the topic you have requested. The learning is customised to ensure a lesson is properly learnt.

In terms of a policy, such as the Blue Train e-learning programme, the company's sexual harassment policy was brought to life, allowing for employees to not only learn about the policy but also what is deemed sexual harassment in their workspace.

Million Maker

The Million Maker performance learning suite has been founded on the idea that with the right guidance and support, making a million is a possible feat.

With so many debt-laden employees suffering through the daily stresses of making money, this holistic and blended programme provides a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Micro Learning

Translated nugget

Due to the text versatility of nuggets, compiling the material in any and all of the languages is incredibly easy. This allows for greater reach throughout the world, no matter the country.

Performance coaching

With coaches, employees are able to achieve their best results in a nurturing environment. This training lays the foundation of what it means to be a supportive and proactive coach.

Intuitive mentoring

Mentoring is more than offering advice to proteges, it is also performed when you’re not physically aware. All actions within a company are observed by colleagues and employees, ensure they learn insightful lessons while they do so.

GRIT nuggets

Dealing with change is a necessary and often neglected skill. Managers and employees alike need to be able to remain productive and sound when their working worlds take drastic turns. GRIT helps build ultra resilience to these unknown forces.