Injury Support

47% of the South African population often experience neck, shoulder and back pain. These musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries are direct causes of workplace degeneration, draining profits and thwarting productivity.

The ICAS MSK helpline and onsite support service have been proven to reduce MSK related symptoms by 90%, improving employees' wellness and decreasing their return-to-work time, all the while reducing the costs of absence and incapacity claims.

The ICAS MSK division has had tremendous success across a broad spectrum of employee engagement, ranging from on-site models to remote management.

Critical benefits to your organization

Professional physiotherapists are available to talk callers through any musculoskeletal concerns they might have, while providing expertly devised exercises and follow up checks to ensure a speedy recovery and return to optimal work productivity. This service is provided telephonically and onsite, without impacting on productivity or causing absence. Early intervention and treatment is critical because MSK symptoms feature as one of the highest cost items to employers, healthcare companies, and the state.

Accessibility of service

A unique solution with a measurable impact

MSK interventions are usually based on a symptom-management model (pain focused) which inevitably results in cyclical costs due to recurring injuries. Our proactive approach differs by empowering employees to sustainably manage their MSK symptoms.


ICAS' mobile app, ICAS On-the-Go, provides direct access to evidence based advice at your fingertips.


We employ evidence based protocols which ensures the highest of quality standards.


We have access to a wealth of clinical experience from a variety of backgrounds. Our system is a distillation of available best practises.

Our promise to you

We have data to support results that empowering employees with the tools to become self-sufficient in managing their conditions creates a major reduction in recurring episodes of common MSK related risks.