82% of global employees feel that their skills and knowledge base needs to evolve and grow.

With ICAS's innovative Performance Learning your workforce will receive development and resilience training while simultaneously bolstering your company's grit, growth and productivity.

All interventions are designed to deliver measurable results. Identifying the performance gap and 'what success would look like' to the client are the very first steps in the Performance Learning development process. The interventions are based on sustainable learning, which is modeled to provide constant benefits well into the future.

We train your employees in skills that are business critical through a blend of short, sharply focused learning interventions. Our material has been developed specifically with your employees, leaders, and teams in mind, with a strategic focus on developing and enhancing your workforce GRIT and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), your employees' personal development and leadership skills, and Business Critical Rapid Results.

Our distinct approach

Our team of performance learning specialists assists clients in identifying where and how learning can bridge a performance gap. Using precise and directed methods, we ensure that goals are met.

Our products are customised to your unique business needs, and are geared towards improving overall performance. We provide support throughout the learning life-cycle, including:

  • Development of a learning strategy
  • Assessment of the performance need
  • Configuration of the best blended learning solution
  • Execution of learning in a planned and systematic way
  • Measurement of performance results
  • Tuning of skills for retained, improved performance

Our learning is configurable to virtually any blend, and it furthermore caters for all the levels of learning from awareness to full integration and so our methodologies and interventions are easy, fast, performance focused, and high-impact. Exactly what's needed to unlock your company's performance potential.

Our focus


Available to leaders is GRIT (managerial ultra resilience). Rapid Results, and emotional intelligence (EQ) training. Coaching and training in these and other skills is available together with mentoring, guidance and support in work.


On offer to employees is GRIT training (ultra resilience training), emotional resilience training (EQ) and personal life skills that will benefit the entire family. Self leadership, understanding accountability and self motivation are also offered.


For the team, coaching in group work and team alignment is highly beneficial.

Use and access to programmes

Icas's learning management system

ICAS's Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to provide easy access for users on any platform convenient to them, at any time and any place they like, allowing for full flexibility in training. A recent Brandon-Hall study found that e-learning can take up to 60% less learning time than conventional methods. This is because it can be performed synchronously and whenever it is needed. With this model, workflow isn't disrupted and users have control over their pace of learning.

How does it work?

Our Performance Learning consultants have a wealth of experience, including subjects within the learning, human resources, psychosocial, and organisational development fields. We assist clients to identify where, and how, learning can bridge a performance gap and then we do it with precision.

While the concept of e-learning may be internationally established within all growing businesses, at ICAS we have taken a unique approach to this essential business practice.

Our design favours productivity impact within a fully blended model. Our performance enhancement tools include a game-ified approach and micro-learning deployments (nuggets), which ensure that learning is sustainable with highly beneficial effects that will impact on your company's success well into the future.

We are digitally enabled to the degree that our offering makes self-directed and self-adaptive learning possible. Programme users are able to access the services via any electronic device, mobile or otherwise.

This makes the learning relevant to the performance issue at hand.

It becomes individualised, the learning path is highly flexible and responsive, and implementation cost is significantly reduced.

Through this approach we can monitor progress and compile detailed reports on user uptake and performance. The cost of running training and having delegates attending a workshop is also dramatically cut by 60-70%.

Training in an organisation should not be viewed as an optional extra to your workplace but rather as essential in ensuring that your workforce is performing at its best and growing from strength to strength.

A unique solution with a measurable impact

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are pioneering learning and teaching across the globe. The ICAS LMS is no different; covering the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational and training programmes.


Utilising cutting-edge learning theory combined with multi-platform technology, your workforce is more accessible to training than it has ever been.


We have access to a wealth of experience within the learning, human resources, psychosocial, and organisational development fields.


Our offering is customisable; meaning that an organisation's specific performance gap is precisely, and uniquely, targeted.

Value proposition

All programmes are designed to measure the success of their outcomes. The impact of our sustainable learning solutions is quantifiable.