30.3‰ of adult South Africans will suffer from some form of mental disorder over the course of a lifetime

Although only a quarter of people living with a mental illness ever seek or receive treatment, ICAS understands that it is pertinent for a psychosis to be understood and treated so that the individual can return to functioning at their fullest as soon as possible.

In answer to this, ICAS has developed a psychiatric network and now offers a psychiatric referral service as part of the managerial bouquet. The benefit of this service includes the recommendation and referral of an employee presenting with possible psychiatric symptoms to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis and report. This will assist with optimal employee management and relevant workplace decisions.

This referral may be necessary in the following instances:


Where there are psychiatric symptoms present and no diagnosis has been made.


Where there is an existing diagnosis but no management thereof.


Where there is a diagnosis made, but a review is required with workplace recommendations.


Workplace recommendations are required with regards to medication and intervention compliance.


When a second opinion is needed.

A consultation, referral and feedback system for the basis of the offering. ICAS conforms to confidentiality requirements with regards to the disclosure and receipt of medical or other confidential information. Obtaining employee consent is essential as part of the incapacity support services especially with regards to the provision of feedback to the employer. Once the employee is comfortable with the case going ahead, assists in securing the appointment, reviewing the psychiatric report, and making workplace recommendations in conjunction with the psychiatrist's recommendation.